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Things Only Seem Quiet!

It's been all quiet on the Illumina blog front lately, but everything's been buzzing due to a super-busy start to 2019. We wanted to let you know we haven’t forgotten about you, our valued readers! 

Season's Greetings and Happy 2019 from Illumina Interactive!

Before we head off to our holidays, we'd like to extend our wishes to our clients and friends for a holiday season full of delights and a new year full of learning and discoveries.

On the eve ‘fore the New Year these twelve gifts came to be:

  • 12 awesome graphics...
  • 11 design docs ready...
  • 10 Alphas published...
  • 9 approved Betas...
  • 8 microlearnings...


Attitude of Gratitude: 2018 Thanksgiving Wishes from Illumina Interactive

At Illumina, we regularly count our blessings.

Last year we were able to support the work of the Boston Rescue Mission.

We thought we'd let you take a glimpse into the other ways we are supporting the individual communities around us.

Ashley Shaffer

Ashley volunteers for the educational non-profit Anime Boston, running programs and outreach for the local community year round. Including the upcoming Anime Day at the Museum of Science. 


Three in a Week? What Was I Thinking?

I just returned from a whirlwind adventure of speaking at three conferences in a week. Three airports, two cities, one hotel, one AirBnB apartment, and three presentations in three different conference centers is a lot to juggle, but the learning, new connections, seeing friends and new discoveries made it all worthwhile. If you aren't attending conferences and professional development sessions to expand your horizons, perhaps you should rethink that. Let me share my discoveries.

Visuals in eLearning: Taking Stock of Stock Photography

What kinds of visuals do you use in your e-learning programs? Do you use stock photography? Do you occasionally download an image from a Google search as a placeholder in your storyboards? Do terms like "royalty-free" and "rights-managed" make you cringe? Today's article – about the ins and outs of using stock photography – comes to us from John Scarano, Illumina's talented Senior Graphic Designer.