Illuminating Ideas

Building eLearning: Behind the Scenes with Quality Assurance

Last month we began our backstage tour of Illumina's work by exploring the world of graphic design and what it takes to create a world-class look and feel for elearning. We introduced you to our infographic of our team approach to content creation. This month, we're going to look at quality assurance, and the work we do to ensure things work perfectly in your elearning programs. Our blog editor caught up with Ashley Shaffer, Illumina's magnate of precision and detail to hear her story of quality assurance work. 

Building eLearning: Behind the Scenes with Graphic Design

Have you ever taken a back stage tour at Disney World, or a manufacturing plant? Perhaps you're a fan of the Science Channel's show How It's Made. There's a bit of fascination in all of us in looking behind the curtain and seeing how things are created. We're going to take you behind the scenes and zoom in on a few of the pieces that we use to create our elearning courses. You might be surprised to see how many people can be involved! 

Scoring Extra Points at the Kickoff (Meeting)

Project kickoffs: What's your team’s game plan?

Hut… Hut… Red 32… Omaha… Set… HIKE!
Yeah, you can probably tell that some of us are getting a little antsy with football season still so far off, and just can’t wait for that opening game kickoff. And speaking of kickoffs, we have a lot of them in our industry. We’ve learned a few things we’d love to share with you about how to plan ahead for really productive kickoff meetings that start e-learning projects off on the right foot.

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Recently, I purchased a home with several preexisting gardens. I've loved seeing all the beautiful displays that springtime brings, but never realized how much energy it took to get from dirt to glorious, and gaa! you get dirty in the process. What parallels are there with training? Let's consider that in today's Illuminating Ideas. We'll look at two related topics -- how to have a great garden, and how to improve your skills as a gardener.

Contrary Mary

The old nursery rhyme begins with a question, asking what it takes to make the lovely garden grow. 

Five Steps to Stellar Scenarios

Ideally, what would you want your audience to take away from their learning activities? You’d like them to emerge with expanded knowledge or skills, and the inclination and confidence to apply them at work. We know that stories increase learner interest in our content. When the learner is the central character in a story, making decisions as a player and discovering the outcomes of their choices, we call it a scenario. They become more engaged as they practice their new skills in a safe environment.